Atheist Nomads Episode 8 – Foxhole Atheists with Justin Griffith and Christopher Herr

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05:27 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – August 16




SGT Justin Griffith, USA, is the Military Director for American Atheists and was the project lead for the original Rock Beyond Belief at Fort Brag and SSgt Christopher Herr, USMC, is the project lead for Rock Beyond Belief 2 that is being planned for Camp Pendleton.

***The views expressed by our guests are their own and do not represent the views of the DoD, US Army, or US Marine Corp.***

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Atheist Nomads Episode 7 – The Atheist Pig puts some STANK on it with Mike Sieber

Okay, this episode was supposed to be released on 08/02/12, but life got in the way. More on that next week. Sorry about that. – Dustin


Fun on Facebook
Shooting in Colorado




59:59 MUSIC

To lighten the mood before the interview, we have Roy Zimmerman‘s Evolution 101 (used by permission).


Joining us for the second half of the show is Mike Sieber, the artist and blogger behind “The Atheist Pig” comic strip. You can find Mike on his website at and on Twitter @TheAtheistPig.

Mike’s take on the BS surrounding the Colorado shooting.

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Atheist Nomads Episode 6 – Recovering from Religion with Jerry DeWitt


Dustin got a tattoo to commemorate the five year anniversary of his apostasy and talks about that very dark weekend leading up to his freedom.
You can find Dustin talking about some of the sexual issues he ran into on Living After Faith

0:10:04 THIS DAY IN HISTORY July 19

0:17:04 NEWS

0:31:20 – INTERVIEW

Joining us for the feature segment is Jerry DeWitt, Executive Director of Recovering From Religion. Jerry is a former Pentecostal minister and the first graduate of the Clergy Project. We discuss the Clergy Project, Recovering from Religion, how his recovery has gone, Amerigod, and so much more.

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Atheist Nomads Episode 5 – SPECIAL REPORT – Tresure Valley Coaltion of Reason

Announcing the Treasure Valley Coalition of Reason!

Media Coverage:
Boise Weekly
Christian Post

If you want to find your local coalition or start one, check out the United Coalition of Reason.

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