Episode 315 – Not all Christians are bad

This week we’re joined by Gary and have some big announcements and news.

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Episode 314 – Hidden Cures

This week we have religious and atheist groups joining to oppose ‘unalienable rights’, Trump’s hidden cures, UK parents suing secular school over legally required religious services, and Malaysian official wanting atheists hunted down for reeducation.

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Episode 313 – The White Elephant-in-Cheif

This week we are joined by Jason and Liz. In the news we have Trump finally going to far for some Christians, Amazon pulling conversion therapy books, Australian missionaries forgetting to give unto Caesar, and more. At the end we discuss harm reduction.

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Episode 312 – It’s Just a Rock

This week we talk about the magic of crystals, Chile taking on pedophile priests, atheists winning in Florida, town like resort opening up to non-Christians, and more!

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Episode 311 – Dying Out Loud with Dave Warnock

This week we have an interview with Dave Warnock. He is a former Pentecostal pastor and was recently diagnosed with ALS. We talk about how he’s “dying out loud”, what his prognosis looks like, and how he got here.

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