The old feeds will be retired soon, it’s time to update

When we started the podcast in 2012 we selfhosted the files and used podPress to take care of the RSS feed. In 2014 we changed hosts and switched the file hosting and managing of the RSS feed to Libsyn. I’ve recently discovered that podPress hasn’t been supported by it’s developer since 2007. That means that it’s a security risk and risks breaking the site during WordPress updates.

About 20 people each use the old MP3 feed, the Ogg feed, and download using the links at the bottom of each episode provided by podPress. Since I wasn’t able to get everyone on the old MP3 feed moved over to Libsyn, I went a head and kept including it in my episode posting. The time has come for the above reasons to finally retire it.

On March 30, 2017 Episode 192 will be released and will be the last episode to be posted to the old feeds. On April 1 I will be posting a final, “This feed has moved” message in each of those and will be redirecting the Ogg feed to Libsyn. Just like with the old MP3 feed, there are some people subscribed to a feed with a URL format that I can’t redirect. If that’s the case for you, then to keep subscribed you’ll need to update your subscription in your podcatcher to

On or around May 1, 2017 podPress will be disabled and the old feeds will be gone.

If you normally download the episode from the links at the bottom of the episode’s page, those have already been disabled. Fortunately for you, the new way is more convenient. At the top of each episode’s post and on the main page there is a player that has a download link. Please use that going forward.

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