Episode 300 – How it all got started

This was recorded as the first hour of our 300 minute Episode 300 live stream.

We break from the normal format and Erin asks Dustin about how this all got started. Dustin talks about starting the show, blogging, and leaving the seminary. At the tail end we are joined by Jason Warde.

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Episode 300 LIVE!

April 20 at 12:00 noon MDT (18:00 UTC) we will be celebrating our 300th episode with 300 minutes (5 hours) of glorious live streaming.

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Episode 299 – Vladimir’s Church Part 2: Patriarchs to Putin

This week we wrap up on the Russian portion of the history of the Russian Orthodox church and catch up on the news. Sorry this one is a few hours late, Dustin’s recovering from pneumonia.


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Vladimir’s Church Part 2: Patriarchs to Putin


Russia has reinstated prison yoga classes, dismissing claim from theologian that it will make prisoners gay and cause riots.

Last year two Russian prisons started offering yoga classes, but then a theology professor wrote a paper claiming that it would turn the prisoners gay and lead to riots. This got the support of some right wing politicians and the prison system put it on hold and competed a study into the claims which they found to be complete bull shit and the classes have been reinstated.

Texas prisons are banning all chaplains from executions

The US Supreme Court ruled that Texas could not execute a Buddhist man without his chaplain in the chamber since they do allow Christian and Muslim chaplains to be present. If this sounds familiar, it’s because we covered a similar story from Alabama where the Muslim inmate’s request to have an Imam present was denied with the explanation being that he waited too long.

This time to request was apparently made early enough and it was determined that all chaplains or none needed to be allowed. Texas decided on none.

Texas bill would classify abortion as homicide and allow for the death penalty.

In a stark change in tactics, a Texas bill would classify abortion as murder and eligible for the death penalty. Yes, this is a bill that is so “pro life” that they want the state to start executing women for ending pregnancies.

Old Texas bill to prohibit male masturbation

We have a story that’s two years old, but it’s making the rounds again, Erin…

Muslim cleric at India’s largest seminary issued a fatwa banning women from watching soccer.

One of the top clerics at India’s largest Muslim seminary has issued a fatwa against women watching soccer. The rational is that women would get so distracted and aroused by all the bare thighs that they probably wouldn’t even notice if someone scores.

New York City measles emergency: get vaccinated or face fine

New York City has been dealing with the worst measles outbreak they’ve seen since 1991 that has been spreading through the Orthodox Jewish community since October. Previous efforts to contain the outbreak have failed and now the mayor has, in his latest emergency declaration, ordered that those who have not been vaccinated or have evidence of a previous infection will be fined $1000.

About half of voters think Christian Nationalism is a threat. Nearly half of white evangelicals don’t see it as a threat at all.

No religion is in a statistical tie with evangelicals and Catholics in new survey

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Episode 298 – Vladimir’s Church Part 1 – Vikings to Mongols

This week we are joined by KC Hunt and talk about the origins and early history of the Russian Orthodox Church, cults, thanking God for floods, anti-vax because of the Bible, burning Harry Potter, and more!

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Episode 297 – When you’ve got Vikings you get schisms

On this week’s episode it’s just Dustin and Lauren. We talk about the Great Schism and differences between Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. In the news we have the Pope’s latest failure to deal with Catholic sex abuse, Vatican women protesting censorship, terrible invocations, Facebook stuff, and more!

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