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Feb 16 2017

Episode 186 – The Time of Trouble

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – The Time of Trouble – SDA Style New Tennessee bill would label children conceived via artificial insemination to be illegitimate Idaho House Education Committee rejected climate curriculum It’s time to impeach Trump Parents sentenced in church beating death of their son xHamster responds to Utah abstinence …

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Feb 09 2017

Episode 185 – News for February 9, 2017

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Are we relevant? ANGRY NEWS UPDATE – DeVos confirmed in 51-50 vote UPDATE – Falwell appointed to higher ed deregulation task force UPDATE – Travel ban halted Jebus would ban dem pesky Muslims, too! Mississippi town puts Christian flag back up after rally 32% of …

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Feb 02 2017

Episode 184 – News for February 2, 2017

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Whose Prophet is Crazier? SDA – Ellen G White LDS – Joseph Smith NEWS Quebec City Mosque Shooting Journalists charged with felonies for covering Trump inauguration riots Donald Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court Trump’s immigration order Sally Yates was fired for doing …

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Jan 26 2017

Episode 183 – News for January 26, 2017

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Burying your head in the sand NEWS The Trump Administration’s “Alternative Facts” Trump has tried to silence the EPA, government employees, and other agencies. DeVos’s Confirmation Delayed West Virginia school district sued over indoctrination classes Texas legislator’s abortion ban bill is to make women more …

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Jan 12 2017

Episode 181 – News for January 12, 2017

Dustin and Lauren were on Trailer Park Atheist DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Self Supporting Ministries NEWS Kentucky’s legislature has passed two new anti-abortion bills Elderly Brazilian woman has been praying to Elrond figurine Cleveland Clinic department wrote an op-ed questioning vaccine safety Trump asks anti-vax Kennedy to head committee on …

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Jan 05 2017

Episode 180 – News for January 5, 2017

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Guilt and fear NEWS Vandals dismantled a Jewish family’s 7′ PVC menorah and turned it into a swastika Kentucky’s governor has again declared a “Year of the Bible” Woman resigned from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir over its decision to perform at Trump’s inauguration Something I never thought …

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Dec 29 2016

Episode 179 – Trump: what to expect

NOTE: Patrons get an extra two stories DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – I hate myself TRUMP: WHAT TO EXPECT Trump’s team’s disavowed Energy Department witch hunt Ben Carson will be appointed the head of Housing and Urban Development Trump’s OMB pick wants to defund Planned Parenthood White nationalists are ready to …

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Dec 22 2016

Episode 178 – The War on Christmas 2016

Bill O’Reilly declares War on Christmas to be over! And they won! DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Is Christmas a Christian Holiday? Pastor goes to mall to tell kids there is no Santa Ohio man fined for zombie nativity Vandals destroy zombie nativity FFRF blocks Gig Harbor, Washington’s nativity FFRF …

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Dec 15 2016

Episode 177 – News for December 15, 2016

DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – The Story of Christmas NEWS British churches being infiltrated by South Korean Cult Bombing at Coptic Cathedral killed at least 25 A motion to dismiss Carrier’s lawsuit has been filed Women’s Groups challenge Texas abortion restrictions Satanists are challenging both the Ohio and Texas abortion rules …

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Dec 08 2016

Episode 176 – News for December 8, 2016

Dustin was on Atheist in the Trailer Park Wesley was on Sci-Fi Nomads DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Thought Crimes NEWS BYU-Idaho student gets no grade on art project Protests and counter-protests about Jakarta’s Governor’s alleged blasphemy French town ordered to remove it’s Virgin Mary statue Zimbabwean pastor asks women to …

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