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Jun 22 2017

Episode 204 – The Tables Turn

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Polarization NEWS Noah the Gladiator fights a T-Rex wearing a party hat Side bit: Ken Ham vigorously denies the Ark is sinking – not literally – monetarily. Woman arrested for knife attack at anti-sharia protest Juvenile arrested in Portland Pride Parade pepper spray attack 17 year …

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Jun 15 2017

Episode 203 – Ministry or Business

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Ministry or Business NEWS UPDATE – San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor lost reelection UPDATE – Texas passed bill requiring cremation or burial of abortion remains Falwell is being appointed to a White House task force Norway is considering banning full face veils in nurseries and schools …

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Jun 08 2017

Episode 202 – The Terrorists are Winning

Manchester Arena Bombing London Attack Notre Dame Attack Theresa May calls for internet regulation Melbourn siege is being treated as a “Terrorist Incident” Congressman declares holy war against Islamic terrorism Trump administration has asked SCOTUS to lift the stay on travel ban Trump announced a US withdrawal from …

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Jun 01 2017

Episode 201 – Live Part 2 with Sam and Becky

NEWS A juror has been dismissed because a “higher power” told him the defendant was not guilty A Missouri school superintendent basically gave a sermon for his public high school graduation address Florida has an annual faith symposium sponsored by several state government departments Montreal is now taxing churches…sometimes The Patriarch …

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May 18 2017

Episode 199 – The Rapture

Live recording of Episode 200 coming on May 20 Secular Saturday – Chattanooga, TN, July 22, 2017 DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – The Rapture NEWS Pence said that Christianity is the most persecuted religion Pence had a private meeting with a top Russian cleric Trump promoted Christian nationalism in Liberty University …

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May 11 2017

Episode 198 – The Standard Model of the Second Coming

Live recording of Episode 200 coming on May 20 DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – The Standard Model of the Second Coming NEWS The SDA Church may be facing a ban on Russia Jakarta’s governor sentenced to two years for blasphemy Texas has a proposed bill to allow publicly funded adoption agencies to discriminate …

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May 04 2017

Episode 197 – The Name of God

Live recording of Episode 200 coming on May 20 at 3:00 PM MDT DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – The Name of God NEWS Trump will be signing a new religious freedom executive order on Thursday No Federal Money to Fight Weed Roy Moore Was Persecuted… After Persecuting. Wait. That’s Not How That Works …

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Apr 29 2017

Episode 200 – Live with Sam and Becky

Episode 1 was released May 23, 2012 Dustin was on this week’s Scenic City Skeptics * Randy via email * Jonathan via voicemail NEWS For the first time more Americans believe that the Bible is a book of fables than that it is the literal word of God Trump will be speaking to …

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Apr 27 2017

Episode 196 – So much news

Live recording of Episode 200 coming on May 20 at 3:00 PM MDT NEWS An AZ rep’s secular invocation was followed up by a prayer San Antonio mayor blames homelessness on broken godless people Federal Judge Smacks down Trump’s attack on ‘sanctuary cities’ Trump’s cabinet has a Bible study with an extreme …

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Apr 20 2017

Episode 195 – Jehovah’s Kingdom

DOWNLOAD EPISODE Live recording of Episode 200 coming on May 20 DUSTING OFF THE DEGREE – Jehovah’s Kingdom NEWS Alex Jones’s lawyer says his persona is all an act… Alex Jones says IT’S NOT AN ACT! IT’S NOT AN ACT! A bill in North Carolina that would ban same sex marriage is dead …

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