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Oct 17 2017

Episode 221 – Confessions of a Jerk

We are joined by Mikey Pullman @MikeyPullman NEWS Trump claimed to have spoken with the president of the US Virgin Islands Trump spoke at the Family Research Counsel’s Values Voters Summit Trump wants to shut down NBC and other networks critical of him Rexburg, ID, home of BYU-Idaho rejected a resolution to …

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Oct 10 2017

Episode 220 – Whose Will?

This week we are joined by Erin Riley. DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Faith, Works, Grace, and Will NEWS FFRF has won their housing allowance lawsuit again. Cardinal Burke says that people in same sex relationships shouldn’t be allowed around children. Jeff Sessions has issued a guidance memo that puts religious freedom above …

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Oct 04 2017

Episode 219 – Signs of the Times

The Right to Reason Drama in the atheist community * SSA * FBB * Mythinformation Conference DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Signs of the Times NEWS Puerto Rico Las Vegas The US voted against a UN resolution against executing people for being gay. Jamaica’s Adventist prime minister wants to partner …

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Sep 26 2017

Episode 218 – Take a Knee

NFL protests Prince Harry made sign of the devil while meeting Melania Trump 14 year old JW forced to accept blood transfusion by Quebec court Saudi cleric thinks women have a quarter of a brain French Catholic cardinal to face trial Trump judicial appointee thinks trans kids are part of Satan’s …

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Sep 19 2017

Episode 217 – Communion

DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Communion New Patrons Kim John Feedback John via the website From Anonymous via email NEWS Rapture on September 23? Jewish lesbian dismissed from volunteering at Texas church Pope admits Vatican has a 2000 case sex abuse backlog Bipartisan Senate bill to block trans service member ban …

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Sep 12 2017

Episode 216 – Baptism by Hurricane

Hurricane Relief DUSTIN’ OFF THE DEGREE – Baptism FEEDBACK Kris Larner via Facebook NEWS Ken Ham blames human sin for hurricanes. Maybe he should read the insurance policies since they’re considered “Acts of God”. Trump thinks churches should be able to get FEMA finds. Rush Limbaugh was still claiming that Irma …

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Sep 06 2017

Episode 215 – Send Prayers

Osteen now thinks the hurricane was part of God’s plan to show that people can handle stuff and then asks for collection plate donations from evacuees Texas has now accepted help from Quebec, claims it was a misunderstanding and they still want prayers Trump responded to Abbot’s request and declared a day of …

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Aug 29 2017

Episode 214 – 15 Days of Darkness

Atheist Comedy Experience Humanist Disaster Relief State Department Science Envoy resigned Joe Kennedy lost his appeal Clark County passes inclusive invocation guidelines Rabbis refuse to take part in Trump conference call NASA predicts 15 days of darkness in November FEEDBACK @fullmetalcamera via Twitter @RandyLaMonda via Twitter This episode is brought …

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Aug 22 2017

Episode 213 – More on Charlottesville

In this week’s episode we are joined by Mikey Pullman and talk about the news and the Chick Tract he got from a US Army Lt Col. Check out his blog post about it. NEWS Trump doubles down on both sides, blames the “alt-left” Jeffress: “Not a racist bone in his body” Fischer: …

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Aug 15 2017

Episode 212 – Lady Bizness

Alisha Donahue and Jynx Jenkins met as contestants in a stand-up comedy competition in 2013 and started the Lady Bizness Podcast and comedy duo the same year. They are also a regular part of the Atheist Comedy Experience lineup in Boise, performing as their alter egos Lordy Bizness. They also host the open mic night …

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