Sep 29

Atheist Nomads Episode 11 – Balls to the Wall with JT Eberhard

Recorded September 22 for release on September 27





0:52:01 MUSIC – The Existential Blues by Arthur Thomas Heist (Used by permission)

0:54:23 FEATURE – Interview with JT Eberhard
JT Eberhard blogs at What Would JT Do on Patheos and also contributes to AtheismResource.com. He is a co-founder of Skepticon, lead in the organizing of Skepticon 1, 2, and 3, and served as the Secular Student Alliance’s High School Specialist for a year and a half. Now JT is a full time writer and public speaker.

Aside from discussing his activism and writing, we discussed many topics of geeky interest.

Also joining us briefly was JT’s roommate Cambrige.

2:00:10 Poor Unfortunate Souls as performed by JT Eberhard in his operatic karaoke style. (Used by permission)

2:04:16 BLOOPERS

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Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred.

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