Jan 17 2014

Moving Day Scheduled

On Tuesday January 21st I will be moving the website to the new host. If you attempt to visit the site while I’m waiting for my DNS to refresh to the new name server you may see a fresh WordPress install. As soon as I gain access I will turn on Maintenance Mode. With any luck the process will only take a few hours, but as with anything, it may take longer. Also, during this process the feeds will be down so episode downloads will not be possible. When it’s all said and done, everything should be just as it is on this host. However, if you want to download the Chariots of Iron archives, you will need to do that before the site move as they will not be transferred to the new host.


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  1. Richard Feinburg on Facebook

    Going to redesign the website?

    1. Atheist Nomads on Facebook

      Nope, just moving it. – Dustin

  2. Richard Feinburg on Facebook

    Let me know if you need to update the look. I’m a web designer and would love to help you guys out in anyway. No charge. 😀

    1. Atheist Nomads on Facebook

      Thanks for the offer! – Dustin

  3. Wesley

    I’ll talk to Dustin about it… We appreciate the offer, Richard

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