Jan 31 2014

Atheist Nomads Episode 44 – A Year without God with Ryan Bell

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* 1862 – USS Monitor launched
* 1948 – Gandhi assassinated
* 1972 – Bloody Sunday


* China’s moon rover broke down
* Ceres spews water
* Natural ball lightning studied for the first time
* Western US smog is coming from China


* Trans woman in Louisiana kicks ass at her city council
* School in the same town sued over proselytizing 6th grade Buddhist child
* Uganda’s President vetoes life in prison anti-gay law
* UN Committee on the Rights of the Child takes on Vatican over clergy sexual abuse
* Indiana demon possession?


Ryan is a former Seventh-day Adventist pastor whose story has gone viral since announcing he’s trying on atheism.

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Recorded for release on 2014-01-30


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  1. Miisa McKeown on Facebook

    Thanks, this was a really interesting discussion/guest.

    1. Atheist Nomads on Facebook

      You can always share the post… 😉 ~Wes

  2. Miisa McKeown on Facebook

    And, as a European, I now feel justified in my Wesley-endorsed conviction that there is no such thing as “space”.

    1. Atheist Nomads on Facebook

      I said what? ~Wes

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