Nov 29 2012

Episode 15 – Medicine, Vaccines, and the Land Down Under with Dr. Rachael Dunlop

Recorded on 11/25/12 and 11/02/12 for release on 11/29/12

0:00:25 INTRO

  • Clarification on Mormon underwear from Dustin’s contact
  • Temple recommend questions and official rules on the Mormon underwear

0: 14:27 FEEDBACK – Our first hate mail

0:17:19 THIS DAY IN HISTORY – November 29



0:51:44 MUSIC – Eve by Shelley Segal (Used by permission)

0:55:54 FEATURE – Interview with Dr. Rachael Dunlop

Dr Rachael Dunlop has a PhD from Sydney University Medical School and works full time in motor-neuron disease and aging disorders research and is a Vice President of the NSW committee of Australian Skeptics.

She is also part of the Mystery Investigators show for schools and co-organizes the Sydney Skeptics meet-up group, is a reporter on the Skeptic Zone podcast, and contributes to The Sceptics’ Book of Pooh-Pooh blog.

1:53:48 BLOOPERS

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Theme music is provided by Sturdy Fred.

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